Smart Pet Odor Purifier: Freshen Your Home with Ease!

⦿ Eliminates Odors: Bye-bye unpleasant smells from litter boxes 🌬️ ⦿ Dust-Free: Cleaner, healthier space for pets and humans 🧼 ⦿ Advanced Ion Tech: Controls odors by 90% 🔬 ⦿ Harmless: No harmful smells, safe for all 🚫 ⦿ Smart Monitoring: Auto-activates near pets for freshness 🐾 ⦿ Long-lasting Battery: 14 days of odor control 🔋 ⦿ Easy Maintenance: Simple setup and anti-scratch design 🛠️ ⦿ Sensor Range: Wide area coverage for thorough odor control 🎯 ⦿ Versatile: Ideal for litter boxes, bathrooms, etc 🚽
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DownyPaws 4000mAh Smart Cat Odor Purifier For Cat Litter Box Deodorizer Pet Toilet Air Purifier Dog Cat Litter Deodorant


  • Brand Name: DownyPaws
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Set Type: no
  • Model Number: DP-OP02
  • Material: plastic

Do you suffer the same?

Unbearable Odor:

  • Cats' carnivorous nature leads to smelly poops, causing discomfort during litter box cleaning.
  • Dust Surrounding: Litter-planning habit produces dust, unfriendly to both cats and humans.
  • Animal Smell: Dogs' body odor overwhelms spaces; purifier eliminates and controls up to 90% of odors.

Why choose DownyPaws Cat Litter Deodorizer?

  • New ion decomposition technology eliminates odor up to 90%, designed for cats, puppies, and small spaces.
  • Harmless, odorless, and safer than traditional eliminators, creating a fresh environment for pets and home.

How it works?

  1. Negatively charged ion generator releases deodorizing and dust-reducing ions automatically.
  2. Highly sensitive biosensor detects cat movements, ensuring no disturbance to your pet.
  3. Continuous 24/7 odor monitoring and elimination for a fresh-smelling litter box.

Sensor Detection Range

  • Sensor monitors a range of 3 meters and 120°; avoid frequent movements within this area for optimal deodorization.

Suitable For All Kinds Of Occasions Requiring Deodorization Like Cat Litter Box, Bathroom, Shoe Cabinet, Toilet, Wardrobe

24-hour Monitoring

  • Ensures continuous odor removal, keeping the litter box fresh around the clock.

Soft Light Indicators

  • Pet-friendly indicator lights; blue indicates deodorizing, blinking for smart monitoring, and red for low power.

Lasts 14 Days on a single charge

  • Battery (4000mAh) lasts up to 14 days; USB charging ensures convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Anti-Scratch Design

  • Heavy-duty Cap with double-sided tape prevents scratching and ensures secure attachment.

Compact and Convenient

  • Compact design for minimal space consumption; flexibly place it anywhere for effective odor control.

  • Size: 9.29.24 cm

  • Weight: 180g

  • Deodorization Rate: ≥ 99%

  • Dust reduction Rate: ≥ 99.9%

  • Operating Hours: 24/7

  • Working Sound: ≤ 20db

  • Battery Life: Up to 14 days on a single charge

  • Charging Method: USB Powered

How to charge it?

  1. Hold the cat litter deodorizer and turn it counterclockwise to remove it from the cap. Plug in the USB cable and charge it from any USB port (≤ 5v input).
  2. The blue light will blink when charging. Once fully charged, the blue light will be on.
  3. Align the snap part with the cap slot

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Ernestine Shields

The product works, it is not magical but it removes the aroma of the cat when it needs. It is very sensitive to movement so it should not be where they pass very frequently preferably where it only detects the cat's sandpit. The flicker indicates whether it is working, standby or without battery

Deron Jacobson

It had arrived days before deadline and I'm so glad for that. I adopted a kitty and MY GOSH, a litter box can really smell.
I studied about it, and since in Brazil a good quality send costs the "the yes of our faces" I decided to buy this one and try.
Good thing is I bought a bantonite esferic sand as well which doesn't smell either, so now I have a perfect hyper higienical combo

Sonny Glover

I'm very happy with the deodorant. Neutralizes the smell well. After a full charge, it is already working for the 13th day. I doubted whether to buy it for me or not, because the description says that the motion sensor is 3 meters, 120 degrees, and so that people, pets often do not move within the control, otherwise the deodorant will often be in standby mode, and will be little effective, And our cats have a toilet close to the aisle, where everyone often walks. I put the deodorant inside a closed toilet. Toilet with plastic screen. The motion sensor from behind the screen does not work when someone is near the toilet. Deodorant works in its mode, as in the description. The sensor is triggered only when the cat enters the toilet. I'm very satisfied, thank you. I hope it will work for a long time. I recommend to purchase.

Jovanny Pfeffer

I have not tested it but it looks good quality, I will comment later!!!

Herbert Beatty

Doručené Tak Ako Bolo garantované, AJ keḥje to určené pre toilets zvieratá , veľmi účinné AJ Vo WC ,prekvapilo nás Ako pohlcuje zápach ,poviem že lepšie Ako rôzne deodorants už PO 2-3 dňoch pužívania, prestal som pužívať chemické prípravky, one-day obsluha a nabíjany, dlhá výdrž Po nabití. Resilient účam výrobok AJ predajcu. Aj pre dcéru idem.